We have affirmations all the time

Do you know what everyone is affirming unknowingly on a superficial level everyday? Let me give you an example. My niece, who is just starting in the workforce, recently got a new cellphone, an iPhone 3GS to be exact, just like everyone else. No big deal, you may think, I have one of this phone too.

But looking at finer details, you will see she has practised affirmations for months before finally getting this wonderful tech toy. Since iPhone was released, she had been eyeing on one but she just lacks the budget. Being a highly independent girl, she resisted the chance of her parents buying her one for birthday present as she decided to get one with her own effort. Finally last week, she got her dream toy, at a good discounted price, when she got her savings and paycheck. Next, she wants to get her first car. I am sure can she do it.

Spiritual Affirmations - Dream VacationThis is affirmation at an elementary level. We do it all the time, everyday. If we already thought of something wanted to be done, then continuing thinking about it will likely happen.

In short, affirmation is that situation where you are creating something in your belief and instilling it to yourself will surely take place. It is that strong feeling in you that piles up in your subconscious mind that you want something to happened or wanting a certain thing.

It works all the time for me. Simple things which are within your reach can be realised easily through daily affirmations. More ambitious affirmations like getting a dream house may take you longer time to affirm and visualize. When that thing or event happens, then you have your affirmation just granted.

Affirmation is that state created in your subliminal mind or subconscious mind that you have the desire of doing or creating something. Once you have mastered that self control, then you can create your own spiritual affirmation for your own benefit.

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