Draw out your Inner Guide or Inner Self

Meditation - what does this word remind you of?

I think this world is getting more and more uncertain. You won't know what's after that bend down the path. As a result, we may become more and more stressed. Uncertainties in financial markets, airline safety, careers, social harmony and many aspects of our life. Even the food we eat, is it safe?

It is no wonder that we just cannot have peace to draw our inner guide or inner self out to show us the way and play with us. The natural psychic powers and abilities in us have been totally blunted as a result. That's why I feel there is a need to learn to relax spiritually at the appropriate time.

Yes, through meditation.

It said that by meditating and saying affirmations to yourself constantly, you can recharge your down trodden battery which has been suffering from beatings as we struggle through the pace of modern life.

By meditating and adding affirmations to your life you can not only recharge your batteries, but also attract love, a better job, boost your confidence, or simply let go of stress so you're more open to messages from the universe.


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