Keep recharging your Spiritual Affirmations and Energy

Spiritual Affirmations MusicPhysically, our bodies and minds have highs and lows throughout the woken hours. Spiritually, there are also ebbs and tides when we feel blocked and drained. Negative energies are accumulating inside us and that make us feel crushed, despondent and unsure. That's is why we need a spiritual "caffeine" to perk us up when we are down spiritually. Or when we require a spiritual recharge.

There is nothing much better than having a spiritual recharge via some meditative music and voice that strengthens your affirmative beliefs. I highly recommend this wonderful CD, "Spiritual Affirmations for Prosperity" from Mary Pitman.
Spiritual Affirmations for Prosperity and Spiritual Affirmations for Health are CDs that meld The Secret with scripture. If it were easy to change your life simply by changing your thoughts, everyone would succeed. We carry learned negative messages stored in our subconscious mind. Rewrite those messages by listening to the CDs as you wake up and fall asleep — when your subconscious is most receptive.
I downloaded the tracks into my iPod and I listen to these tracks according different times of the day. Repeated a few times, your spiritual affirmations on yourself will be stronger with each day!

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