Daily Positive Affirmations

Here are 10 powerful and positive daily affirmations that you should spend some time thinking about:

1. You are the creator of your Universe. You can manifest anything. There are no limits to what you can achieve.

2. Blessed are those who have no expectations, for they will never be disappointed.

3. What you think habitually can be achieved realistically.

4. Health, happiness, love and money are infinite.

5. Both wealth and poverty is a product of thought.

6. The fastest way to become wealthy is to find ways to provide value to others.
7. Prosperity is your birthright.

8. Your income and prosperity will reflect the way you think.

9. We were all born with the equal right to become equal.

10. True prosperity only comes to those who seek it.

These positive daily affirmations contains the secret to an abundant life and all you need to do is open your eyes and see that if you seek the wisdom to achieve success, then you will have no choice but to achieve it, as long as you use that knowledge you have found.

With increased wisdom you will have increased wealth, health and prosperity.


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