Why Positive Affirmations May Not Be Working For You

Are you one of those people with little post-it notes and sayings pasted around your mirror or on your bulletin board? Do you have any posted on your refrigerator so that every time you open the refrigerator door you find a positive affirmation staring you in the face? Are you saying the words and chanting the chants but are finding that positive affirmations are not working for you?

You are not alone.

But don't throw out the baby with the bath water. There is a very good reason why your positive affirmations are not working. And it may not have anything to do with something you even know about.

Everything is Energy
If you've been paying attention to quantum physics, metaphysics, or the law of attraction, you may already know that everything is energy. Even Einstein's theory of relativity proves this. We don't need a quantum physicist to tell us that E=MC2. Basically, physical matter is just compressed energy. And energy vibrates. And since everything is energy, everything vibrates at specific frequencies.

For instance, humans vibrate between 60-80 megahertz. Fresh fruits vibrate at around 80 megahertz (this is why they are so good for the body), raw green vegetables at about 65-72 megahertz, and fast food French Fries at less than 1 megahertz (this is why they are so bad for the body).

The point of this demonstration is that everything is energy and everything vibrates. In fact, you are energy at the core of your being. And trapped there you may find some energy patterns being repeated over and over, as they emanate from your subconscious programming.

You Are Just Like An Iceberg
Just like an iceberg with 80% below the surface, human beings primarily operate from their subconscious programming. This programming came about during your childhood and most of these energy patterns formed before you were eight. These energy patterns are not necessarily good or bad, they are just there as a result of the emotional conditioning you received at the hands of your caretakers. Whatever belief patterns your caretakers had, you either adopted their patterns or rejected their patterns. In either case, your patterns are a direct result of what you learned from your caretakers.

And some of these patterns may not now be serving you. So no matter how many positive affirmations you state, your deeply conditioned energy, emotional, and behavior patterns may be working against you.

In order for your positive affirmations to work - you need to remove these old and outdated energy patterns and take back the life with which you've empowered them. Imagine yourself free from these restrictions of childhood - then when you state an affirmation - it is empowered with the energy from your heart center. When that happens, watch out because what you are imaging for your life will be there before you can think about it for very long!

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