How to Write Affirmations to Increase Your Self-Esteem

Because low self-esteem is sometimes caused by our own internal dialogue in the way of negative messages, it really does make sense to nourish our mind with positive messages in order to increase our self-esteem. By giving ourselves positive affirmations we can improve our self-esteem and well being.

Giving ourselves positive affirmations can sometimes be a block for some people not only because they find it difficult to take on board and accept affirmations but they don't really know what to say to themselves or know how to word the affirmations for maximum effect.

You'll find below a 6 step process on how you can write and word your affirmations. I write and word my affirmations using the same system which I use for my subliminal recordings.

1 Use "I". Always use the word 'I' never use the word "you". You are giving yourself affirmations, you are talking to yourself i.e. "I am a confident person" If you recited "you are a confident person" your subconscious may ask "who is you?"

2 Use the present tense. You'll find it very helpful to write your affirmations in the present tense. If you say something like "I shall learn to love myself" you're actually saying "someday I might get round to loving myself" instead say something like "I choose to love myself" this puts the affirmation in the present tense and you'll be empowered by choosing the word 'choose'.

3 Your affirmation needs to be believable. Your affirmations need to be believable to you. If you wrote "I love myself" and you really didn't believe it, your subconscious may reject that affirmation. Instead, write something like "I am learning to love myself" this way instead of concentrating on an end result you are focusing on a process. This way you'll be learning to love yourself.

4 Choose the correct tone. Whether you say your affirmations silently to yourself or out loud it's important to say them with passion and emotion because your subconscious will pick up on the emotional content. It is more effective to say your affirmations like you really do believe them rather than like you are just reading them out. It can also be useful to stand in front of a mirror whilst reciting your affirmations; this enhances the effectiveness of them.

5. Use the law of repetition. Say your affirmations several times each day. This will counteract the continuous negative messages your mind is giving you. By doing this you shall begin to challenge your negative thoughts and messages and eventually you shall believe what you are saying to yourself. Hypnosis works with the use of repetition and all hypnosis is self hypnosis.

6 Be Patient. It may take some time to notice the change in your self-esteem, so be patient and don't give up because you think it may not be working. Giving yourself positive affirmations does work. It may be a gradual change at first but you will begin to notice the positive changes.

Here are some affirmations you can use for yourself to improve your self-esteem. I use the same affirmations in my subliminal MP3 downloads.


My self-esteem increases everyday.

I know my abilities.

I believe in myself.

I think positive thoughts of myself.

I am very proud of myself.

I cherish what I do.

I cherish what I say.

I cherish what I believe.

My self-esteem is infinite.

Thomas Inglis Smith is a qualified counselor, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and life coach specializing in addictions. He also produces audio hypnosis recordings. For a free 'recession busting' hypnosis download please visit http://www.selfhypnosisdownloads.co.uk.

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