How Positive Affirmation Works With The Law Of Attraction

Before I get into how affirmations affect the Law of Attraction, and what is brought into (attracted into) your life, first I'll go what exactly affirmations are, and what a positive affirmation is. Affirmations are simply spoken words, either by you, or someone else, that are directed towards YOU, that either consciously or subconsciously affects you in some way. An example affirmation would be "I love my job and am happy to be there every morning." That is an example of a positive affirmation. The following is a negative affirmation: "I hate my job and I cannot wait until this weekend."

The more you hear an affirmation, the more it will become a reality to you, even if it is not true at first. If you truly do not enjoy your job, you'll notice things start to change after repeating affirmations (that are positive) about it...and it might take longer depending on how untrue that affirmation is at first. Here is another example of a negative affirmation: "I don't hate my job and I am not unhappy to be there." While that affirmation may sound positive in nature, it is a negative affirmation because of all the negative words in it (don't, hate, not, unhappy). You must make sure to make your affirmations purely positive by eliminating all negative words and context. Instead, that affirmation could be stated as: "I love my job and I'm happy to go to work."

Because our thoughts and emotions often start with words, affirmations (whether positive or negative) have a direct connection to your thoughts and emotions, which in turn has a direct connection with what is currently being attracted into your life, whether or not you can see it yet or not. Therefore, we must consciously and actively try to block the negative affirmations that we automatically say to ourselves unknowingly, or that we are exposed to from other people. Set aside some time in the morning and the evening (and possibly the afternoon) to give yourself positive affirmations. Think about the things you do not like and give yourself positive affirmations about those things, and try not to evoke any bad emotions regarding those things.

Thinking negatively will cause us to subconsciously and unknowingly give ourselves negative affirmations, which serve to attract the very things we want to avoid. This is why your positive affirmation is so important. If you are serious about using the Law of Attraction to achieve what you want in life, it is very important to make positive affirmations part of your day. It is not difficult, it is not complicated, and it isn't asking for much; but it is just one of the essential ingredients to taking full advantage of the Law of Attraction to attract the things you want, not the things you do not want.

By: Jonathan Beebe

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