Beginning Spiritual Prosperity With Prosperity's First of 12 Affirmations

Prosperity's 12 Affirmations are affirmations derived from scripture found in Exodus chapter 20 known as the 10 Commandments and from Matthew chapter 22 where Jesus gave cited the two greatest commandments. The truth of these scriptures can be applied to any aspect of life and in this context we are using their eternal truth to fortify and expand our awareness of abundance and prosperity. The affirmations form a solid foundation upon which to base our thinking and actions when working with the intangible aspects of prosperity. The affirmations help us to feel worthy of prosperity and to cultivate and apply our spiritual understanding to our experience of prosperity. In general our non-material, invisible and spiritual abilities are fundamental to our experience of prosperity and they can be summarized as our relationship with Life Itself or God. The affirmations also apply to our relationship with our fellow human beings and the rest of material creation.

Let's consider Prosperity's 1st Affirmation for example, "I look to God as my only Source of wealth and supply". Prosperity's 1st Affirmation is the bedrock of our practice. When we energetically affirm that we look to God as our only Source of wealth and supply, we are focusing inner spiritual, mental and emotions energies which create the possibilities for God's blessings to be attracted to us. As we consistently assert and practice Prosperity's 1st Affirmation we learn that deep within our sense of Being, that every thing and every non-thing, e.g. feelings, emotions, ideas, etc.; is born of God. By first looking to God for our supply and wealth we are practicing a positive faith that the Creative Life Force is providing and orchestrating the material, circumstances and relationships we need to sustain life, thrive and experience well being. This practice is particularly powerful when we look beyond our immediate circumstances and appearances and create images of God to pouring blessings into or Life experience at the perfect time and in the perfect manner for our use and the enrichment of our Soul. In order to have this type of experience of the more abundant life, we must understand the principles of life that make such experiences possible.

Sometimes that understanding comes from experiencing a life of lack or poverty. Rev. Diane Harmony, author of the book 5 GIFTS for Living An Abundant Life, says that abundance has been a key motivator in her life. She experienced lack and limitation to the point that she was forced to look to God as her only Source and thereby learn at a deep level how to dismiss lack and embrace abundance.

Try it for yourself, the next time you feel you have a need, before looking for which bank account to use or for which credit card is under its limit, look first to God. Pray a prayer similar to this:

"Our Father, creator of all that Is, I thank You for my life now. I thank You for continuing to give me the breath of Life and all that I need to sustain, maintain and elevate my life experience. Dear Lord, I now look to You as my only Source of Life, health, happiness, peace and prosperity. I now surrender to Your Presence and Power within me and I am receptive to Your prospering ideas that are now fulfilling my non-material and material needs. I am now open to the free flow of money, people and ideas into my treasure chest, my network and my mind! Thank You God! Amen!"

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