What is Affirmation?

One asserts the self to believe in something is called the process of affirmation, be it in a negative manner or positively. What differentiates a successful person from the others is the positive outlook in his temperament. He appears happy and casual, and accepts all facts about himself and tries to learn from all those. He ensures that no negativity impacts him in his ambition.

On the other hand, an unsuccessful person is full of sorrow, self pity and jealousy with failure. Rarely does he tries to find the fault within and always blames the circumstances that went against him. The success of others makes him feel that he is deprived despite being deserving. Such a person also can be corrected with the constant mentoring of a guide. But it is negative attitude to look for constant acknowledgement. Since people who can sincerely appreciate are rare now a day, one may be caught in a vicious circle of going negative over and over again.

One can get reoriented into believing oneself with the personal affirmation process. Let us see what affirmation is all about. It is a process whereby one starts feeling comfortable with the self as well as with the surrounding. Affidavits of such inner happenings manifest in encouraging incidences in external world. Though it is not easy to start believing in oneself, still it may be amusing for people to get into the process of affirmation on an experiment basis. While starting out afresh, one has to keep the past experiences behind and should be able to look forward. One has to recognize the past follies and should learn from those, if at all the looking back is necessary. It is only beneficial if we can emphasize more on our positive aspects.

The daily affirmation process starts with stressing the intended points to the self. Those points are to be sufficiently seen and visualized so much so that one starts believing them as realities already in shape. Seldom is it realized that the negative projection about a possibility is also mostly false and imaginary which acts as obstruction in our progress. Instead, if we start imagining positively by just reversing the attitude, it brings happiness along with success.

One can start by writing down 365 cards with messages about what one is, and the capability of the self. Each card may contain visualization indicating the equivalent of the affirmation like a slim body or a car. Another category of cards within those 365 will be about the dreams that will be a reality of the future. The cards should be of 3 x 5 inches size to be sufficiently visible and should appear prominent on the desk. One needs to concentrate on the cards for 20 -30 minutes everyday sitting in a relaxed position. The next thing is to visualize oneself in those actions when those dreams get actualized. This will improve one’s self confidence and treatment of the self. This assertion process changes one’s gait while walking which also conveys positive atmosphere all around making people feel good besides the self.

By: Jaz Lai

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