Why Affirmations Don't Always Work

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If you've been around the personal growth world at all you've probably used a few affirmations to improve your experience of life. Affirmations are positive self talk statements like "I am healthy," "I am happy", "I am a winner" and so on.

The promise of affirmations is that you can use them to reprogram limiting thoughts and beliefs and thereby transform your life. For some people they really do seem to work.

But did you ever wonder why affirmations don't seem to work for everyone? I know I have.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about that question and reflecting on my own experience (which is a lot) in using affirmations.

What I've come up with in simple terms is that affirmations are entirely powerless unless you are able to experience how the words of a given affirmation make you feel. Words are powerful only to the extent that they stimulate emotion. Another way to say this is affirmations are only of value if they move you to feel.

I believe that part of the reason for this is that emotions, unlike thoughts, are always in the present moment. And the present is where the power is. It is simply impossible to feel in the future or the past.

On a practical level that means to succeed with affirmations you must experience the feelings that the words evoke inside of you. This involves dropping from your the busyness of thoughts and into your body.

Here's an example of how I do it. I'm currently working with an abundance affirmation that I use whenever I spend money. It goes something like this:

After I hand over the bills or use my credit card I say,

"Wow! What an amazing creation I have just experienced. I appreciate receiving what I have just paid for and express this appreciation from the Infinite Abundance that is my natural state. I know that my supply only expands and returns to me multiplied."

Now, when I say these words, if I stay in my thoughts, I hear all kinds of objections like, "that's crazy" or "this will never work." So instead I slow down and experience what the words make me feel and then I am totally peaceful and happy. That is where the power is so I take a few moments to enjoy it.

What's great about using affirmations in this way is that in the moment I'm feeling, I don't care about the past or the future. I'm not saying these words to get anywhere, change anything or improve myself. I'm only experiencing how they make me feel now.

In that sense, is it possible to say that the affirmation is "working?" I think so, because in that moment I am free from worry about money, health, or anything else. I'm just feeling good. And when I string together moment after moment like this, the past disappears and the imaginary future always takes care of itself.

Easier said than done, I know. But I think all of us get plenty of opportunities every day to practice.

I hope I've explained my perspective on affirmations without sounding too "airy fairy."

In the final analysis I believe that we can use them one tool (among many) to uncover anything that blocks us from experience ourselves as the truly compassionate and enlightened beings we are. To me, that is the ultimate healing.

I'm going to leave you with some of my favorite affirmations. As you read this list now slow down, enjoy and feel how the words impact you. Some will produce stronger experiences than others. Stay with the strong ones for as long as you want and then move on.

Self Confidence

I love myself completely as I am
I let go of my defense mechanisms
I am glad to be born--I have a right to be here


Abundant energy and vitality are my birthright
I am an ever flowing spring of aliveness
Every cell in my body is healthy and well
Brilliant health and glorious goodness follow me


Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied
People enjoy paying me money for what I enjoy doing most
Life always holds out as much goodness as I am willing to accept
Money, like a puppy, follows me wherever I go


Consciousness seeks its perfect expression through me
I am the perfect expression of gratitude
I am the perfect expression of forgiveness
I am the perfect expression of love

By: Mark Ament

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Mark Ament is the author of several books and programs on natural health, including his unique introduction to natural healing course called the "5 Master Keys To Ultimate Healing." To get your free copy and learn more about Mark's work visit www.healingvibes.com

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