The Wonderful Workings of Your Subconscious Mind While You Sleep

When we are sleeping nothing else is... your body and all its organs are all functioning, including your mind. Luckily, we do not have to tell ourselves to breathe and our heart to beat while we are sleeping! Our subconscious mind never rests or sleep, it keeps on going to keep us going, it controls our vital forces. Sleep helps us heal faster when we are sick or injured.

Clearing your mind and forgiving yourself and everyone else before sleeping helps healing take place more rapidly. Lack of the appropriate amount of sleep can cause us to be irritated, depressed and can cause mental disorders. To me, dreaming is the best part of sleeping. Because I have worked for many years with my dreams and through my dreams my subconscious mind has delivered messages of hope, ideas, confirmation, solved problems, warned me and inspired me.

Prayer and Sleep bring counsel: Take a situation where you need help with making a decision, as you are going to sleep say a prayer/affirmation over and over in your mind. You will awaken with an answer. It may be from a dream or it may come from an intuitive knowing/gut feeling you have upon waking.

Here is an example: A woman living in Dallas has a job offer in New York City at twice her salary she is making now in Dallas. After considering everything and doing the pro and con list etc. she was still wondering if she should take the move. So that evening before going to bed she said an affirmation/prayer regarding this matter. The next morning she awoke and had a persistent feeling to not accept the position. She phoned the company and following her gut feeling/intuition, she declined the offer. In the end, about 2 months later her inner knowing(not a good idea to move and take the position) was verified through events that the company went bankrupt.

Try it for yourself and discover the counsel your sleep brings you. As you are about to go to sleep, claim that the infinite intelligence of your subconscious mind is guiding and directing you. Then expect an answer perhaps in a dream or on awakening. You will definitely receive an answer. Another thing that I happen to do is write the question in gratitude form - "Thank you for giving me the lead or answer regarding _________(insert your dilemma) that is for the best and highest good for all concerned." Then I fold it up and put it under my pillow. I literally sleep on it! And above all while doing this focus on knowing the right answer will come, it is already there you just have to open up to it. Remember, if you do the affirmation and write the note to sleep on and then just go back to "I don't know, I don't know." thinking worry and frustration you will surely receive worry and frustration and not your answer.

Sweet Dreams.




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