Something about New Year Affirmations

In New Year affirmations, think about the bigger questions of life: God, creation, existence, demise and etc. Is life pre-decided? Is there an afterlife? What's the aim of life? Is rat race for success something we should all go for?

Where is the place of harmony, well-being, family and buddies in our life? You need not be or become a philosopher; however do provide these questions some thoughts.

When you are looking forward to the of 2011 with hope and future, cast a look at your previous year also. How has your life been? What are your accomplishments and setbacks? What are your regrets? How was the previous year? Did you achieve your resolutions you set? If yes, to what level? If not, why?

Given one other likelihood, how would you plan and live the previous year. Have a mental picture of the future. How would you like to see yourself at the end of this year or thereafter? Base your affirmations on this analysis.

When we are writing our resolutions or affirmations, make sure that you see that your list of affirmations meets this 6-point criteria.

1. Positive - Yes, no destructive phrases shall be used.

2. Believable - Yes, until a medical situation prevents the walk.

3. Present tense - Sure, no future or previous tense to be used. Emphasize the NOW.

4. Easy - Yes, a single sentence that is very specific.

5. Measurable - Yes, on a frequent basis - in terms of time you are comfortable of.

6. Reward - Yes, look and feel the best.

What we simply mention doesn't happen overnight, however with constant positive input to the subconscious mind, anyone can do it. Do not underestimate the energy of the subconscious intelligence.


  1. Positive, Believable, Present tense, Easy, Measurable, Reward.... this are a sequence of succession in life... such kind of attitude is not developed in one night ... it requires months and month of believe in such technique ...

    but, in end results are fruitful enough....

  2. We should always live life to the fullest and stay happy always.

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