Positive Affirmations - In Control Of Own Life

Hope all of you have a great time celebrating the arrival of 2011! :)

Yes, new year, new time and new optimism for many people. Here is the first post of 2011 for this blog. Thanks for reading it.

I learn about "positive affirmations" a few years in the past when I read Louise Hay's book "Heal Your Life". This book has positive affirmations for healing. I purchased this book in my restless 80's, and I have it covered many times since the day I picked it up from a bookshop. I actually believe that we can completely change our outlook on life, by saying affirmations to ourselves. I listened to meditation tapes and I also penned out affirmations.

My background was chaotic, and I suffered pains after pains when I was young. In order to "survive", I had to shut down quite a lot of my feelings, and carry a large burden of pain and anger inside. By listening to positive affirmation audios, and reading positive literature, I began to understand that by changing our thoughts, we are able to change our reality. I realized that I had no control over situations that happened with my family as a child, but as an adult, I realized that I had "management" over my "thoughts."

There are a number of spiritual philosophy's that consider that we are 100% answerable for everything that occurs in our life. It took me years to understand that this was true.

In the beginning, I was flabbergasted? I can't write out a whole bunch of positive affirmations each week. But I complained that my hand hurt from writing! However, deep down, I understood that they were trying to get me to "refocus" my thoughts. If I spent many years in a pessimistic household environment, or detrimental work environment, it was going to acquire many years for me to refocus these thoughts. With positive affirmations, it gave me the self-belief to think that I actually did deserve a great life. The other factor that grew to become plain was that I had the energy to create my own realism. I could create something I would like, and I was putting the energy again into my own hands. No longer, was I feeling a victim of circumstances, or anger with my own helplessness.

By using positive affirmations, I began to really feel powerful. I started to feel for the first time in my life, that I was in the coach of my own life. In short, this is freedom of life!


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