My spiritual affirmation working?

My spiritual affirmation workingToday, my spiritual and positive affirmations really comes true. It is really amazing, to say the least. I have been affirming for a new and better person, for more friendships.

To recap, this is my affirmation:

"People that I meet and contact with shows appreciation to me for what I am".

I have been affirming for these in the past 3 months, at least 3 times per day, first when I just wake up in the morning, just after lunch and lastly before I sleep.

It has been working out well for me last couple of weeks. I think the Providence has gradually answered my plea.

One example is that just a couple of days ago, someone who is famous in my working place for being a person stingy with words suddenly complimented me for being helpful to him. Yes, he is one of the top guys in the place and it really gives someone at the lower rug of ladder something to cheer about.

Men need recognition. That is why regular doses of appreciations can work wonders, be it to your co workers, spouse or kids.

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