Affirmations For Success

Do affirmations play a part considerably to success? Is there some magic affirmation secret of the ages that guarantees success? If there is, can we establish it and use it for our own success and achievement?

Whether you like it or not, you have been using affirmations or a type of self-talk your entire life, and so has everyone else. The trouble is, most individuals do not help themselves with their self-talk, and it is hardly unexpected.

Do you know that by the time the average individual hits eighteen, they may have been told the word "No" or what they might not do, no less than 150,000 times?

Affirmations For Success
And, as high as 77% of everything we think is detrimental, unproductive and works against us. What's more, this unfavourable inside dialogue is habitual, and repetition is a compelling reasoning.

Earl Nightingale: "We become what we think about", and the Bible which says "As a man thinketh, so is he."

"Success come to those who become success conscious" mentioned Napoleon Hill.

For a start, your affirmations must help you in a positive way. We know that we become what we think about, so it stands to purpose that we must 'make' ourselves suppose positively. The only difference then, between profitable folks and the remainder of us MUST be 'success thinking.' And in an effort to become 'success aware', we MUST repeat and keep on repeating statements which help us until we 'overwrite' our recurring unfavorable programming which we beforehand accepted as the truth. Even when we don't consider our personal efforts initially, we must recognise that this is just our old habitual considering and programming.

The secret to using affirmations efficiently then, is to mix the truth that we turn into what we think about, with habit.

Positive self-talk and 'success thinking' are the hallmarks of leaders the world over. Most people wanting to benefit from the power of affirmations, want the self-confidence to make positive and lasting changes in their lives, to increase their income, develop new expertise, overcome anxieties, loosen up, start a home-based business and customarily do better for themselves. This is certainly admirable and to be applauded.


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