Letting Go And Forgive: The Affirmations

Forgiveness is the most powerful weapon you have in the quest for happiness. Let say that you can forgive a person easily, that does not mean you are weak in nature, please remember that. Therefore, without any doubt, you should make it a habit to forgive as much as you to your own benefits.

In Bible, there are many references of forgiveness throughout. Here are some examples:

To send away, to bid going away or depart, to send forth, yield up, to expire, to let go, let alone, let be, to disregard, to leave, not to discuss, to omit, to let go, give up a debt, forgive, to remit, to give up, keep no longer.

Letting Go And Forgive: The Affirmations
From these, we can give ourselves a set of spiritual affirmations concerning forgiveness:

- I do forgive .
- I will now let go of the pain I have inside and there is no more suffering.
- I bid this bitterness to depart.
- I will yield up my unforgiveness.
- Now is the time to forget of the hurt and bitterness.
- I will now let it go.
- This problem is in the past and I do not wish to dwell on it anymore.
- Time to let go and forget.
- I will disregard what was done to me.
- I will no longer discuss the issue and leave it alone.
- I definitely now can let it go.
- I know it hurt but I now give up that debt.
- I do not want to remember this anger anymore.

God has forgiven all of our trespasses. For sure, everyone of us has done something undesirable before in life and don't you think it is unimaginable if He uses it to hold it against you?. God has truly shown to us how to be loving and passionate and how to be a graceful and forgiving friendship. This is very important when a person wants to forgive.

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