My List of Spiritual Affirmations

  • I am free and have my own choice in life.

  • I am a forgiving and harmonious person who cares.

  • There is spiritual growth in my as I grow wiser.

  • I permit myself to grow parallel with the Universe in Oneness.

  • When I forgive those people who hurt me in the past, I gather even more spiritual strength.

  • Love to and from other people comes to me easily.

  • When I love people more, I receive even more love from them in return.

  • My love for this world is eternal and congenial.

  • I have an inner child and I nurture and love her all the time.

  • I am positive and happy and is responsible for my own life.


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  3. Interesting approach towards this. I’m curious to think what type of impact this would have globally? There are times when things like this begin to have global expansion and frustration. I will be back soon and follow up with a response.

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