Why Your Spiritual Affirmations Don't Work

Have you failed at using affirmations? The reason doesn't lie in the number of affirmations which you state but the feeling behind the statements. The emotions are the great attracting or repelling force of your life. According to the law of attraction if you feel happy you attract good things. Feel lousy and you attract lousy things. Life is a mirror of your predominant vibration.

To make an affirmation work feel that it's true. To feel its truth you must be free of any deep negative emotions which you might have harbored over a period of years. Affirm until the cows come home that "I am wealth, I am abundance, I am a millionaire" but if you have negative ideas about money firmly lodged in your subconscious mind money won't flow to you freely.

Affirmations Don't Work Due To Mental Conflict

This is why affirmations don't work. There's a mental conflict in your being which must be resolved. Consciously affirm that you're wealthy and instantaneously the devilish little voice inside you says "No you're not! Look at your debt. Look at your low salary." As the battles draws on your affirmation is nullified.

Don't Sign Blank Checks

Signing blank checks is another reason why affirmations don't work. The law of attraction is based on the idea that whatever you devote attention and energy to expands. Move your attention to lack and you receive little. If you fear not being able to pay the mortgage the universe makes sure that you can't pay the mortgage. Your predominant vibration is of fear, lack, and limitation. You can't attract wealth by feeling poor.

Remove The Struggle

Trying to make ends meet is the wrong way to go about it. Why? You guessed it. The more you try to make ends meet the more you'll have to try to make ends meet. The attention is placed on just getting by so your life will follow this course until you choose to move your attention to a different place. This is a moment by moment choice on your part. When someone talks of money problems don't engage them. Ignore them. When your mind begins with the poisonous chatter tell it to shut it. Reverse the "I can't afford it" statements with "I can afford it now" affirmations.

Affirm While Sleeping

When sleeping your conscious mind is submerged. That annoying little chatter shuts up and the subconscious is wide open to suggestion. Chant an affirmative statement to yourself 10 minutes prior to sleeping. Repeat it slowly, calmly, and gently, like a lullaby as you drift off into sleep. The subconscious will accept the statement while you're asleep and will act on people and things to make your statement come true.

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