The Power of Spiritual Affirmations

Positive affirmations can help us in all areas of our lives - whether we want to earn more money, become more effective, improve our relationships or develop new habits. Using the power of affirmations we can discover how to feed our minds with positive statements that will counteract the negative programming we receive day in day out from our environment.

We get what we think about most of time. Our inner conversations, thoughts and feelings determine the kind of life and reality we experience. It is not what life throws at us which determines what sort of life we live. It's our thoughts and attitudes and the way we deal with events which determines whether we have a happy, prosperous life or not.

Affirmations are positive statements that describe a desired situation, event, habit or goals and which are repeated mentally or out loud. If you find it difficult to think positively, using affirmations can help you change the way you think. The great thing about the human mind is that it can imagine and envision circumstances which do not exist right now. If you can visualise an event or state of affairs with enough clarity and emotion, the mind does not differentiate between this and reality and you will be re-programming your mind with positive images. Using affirmations can be considered a kind of brainwashing, only you get to choose which negative beliefs are washed away.

It is important to remember that our thoughts are creative and it is essential in the process of positive change that we make a conscious effort to direct our thoughts and thinking to maintain a positive outlook. Affirmations can be used like little reminders to our inner-self to keep ourselves on the positive track. Continually repeating affirmations with conviction and passion will wear down even the strongest resistance.

When you start using affirmations you may wonder how quickly you will start seeing changes but there's no easy answer to this. There's no doubt that using affirmations can be very effective but it's fundamentally not a question of time but more a question of how accepting of change you can be. If you're trying to strengthen a belief or habit you are already comfortable with, then you may see changes almost immediately, but if you are working on a area where there is a lot of resistance (where what you are affirming is really at odds with what your mind believes) then this will be more gradual and need some concerted effort. No matter what aspect of life you're working on or who you are, affirmations will not only make you feel better about yourself, they can start to manifest real change in your life.

Julie Martyn is an avid student of personal development and is always searching for useful and practical ways for self-improvement for a happier, more prosperous and more fulfilling life. For more great information on the power of affirmations, visit her blog and claim your FREE report "27 Easy Ways to Improve Your Life".

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