Daily Spiritual Positive Affirmations For You

In the previous post, I talk about the how to transform your mentality via the use of the positive spiritual affirmations. For the post today, let me show you some examples of the spiritual affirmations in which the majority of the people want to know so as to improve their wealth and abundance. Notice that most affirmative sentences begin with "I":

Here they go:

- I am wealthy/rich/prosperous/plentiful.
- I have the creative mind to freely express myself.
- I have abundant amount of money and time.
- I have endless supply of abundance/money/prosperity showered upon me.
- I am happy/delightful, harmonious/blissful, prosperous/abundant/wealthy.
- I am forever open and receptive to the gifts of Abundance of the Universe.
- I have set my life to be positive abundant in all areas.
- I have utmost confidence/ability to realize/manifest my wishes/desires.
- My children's needs will be freely/amply and naturally provided/supplied by the Universe.
- I expect and welcome lucky fortune/riches/money abundantly at every moment/instance of my life.
- I receive endless amount of abundance all the time.
- Riches/Money/Wealth come to me simply/easily and effortlessly/incessantly.
- My prosperity/wealth/riches is unlimited/endless.
- I love and embrace abundance every day.
- I know that my income will grow year after year.
- I have the passion to build wealth/prosperity.
- I deserve and welcome financial abundance in my life now
- I create abundant wealth easily and effortlessly
- I have the positive flow of money in my life and is financially secure.
- I am healthy and wealthy
- I allow myself to prosper abundantly
- I open myself to receive the abundance of The Universe
- I am saving more money every day
- I am prosperous, health and wealthy
- I have a financially stable future for myself and my family
- I deserve and am ready to accept the gifts of abundance from the Universe.
- I am worthy of and open to receiving abundance
- I am the source of my abundance
- I am a strong magnet that draws lots of money
- Money comes to me effortlessly and abundantly
- My good comes from everywhere and everyone and everything.
- I am successful in everything - I do
- I am joyfully/happily accepting/receiving wealth and abundance/prosperity in my life.
- I am moving closer and closer riches/prosperity.


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