Spiritual Affirmations - Your Thinking

Spiritual Affirmations are a contributive and tested way to creating visible transformation that never ends, but unless you have crafted your affirmations correctly to ply for your wishes and desires, through the time you just won't feel the transformation or results you were seeking for. You might have other great ideas for making positive change such as goal lists, dream cards, vision boards etc. Though affirmations are by far the ultimate method to input to your self improvement toolbox. Affirmations take on the onus of adjusting your wishes with your private beliefs.

When they do become in harmony with one another, manifesting your goals and dreams become virtually effortless. Using spiritual affirmations correctly is crucial to making them effective and aligning yourself. If you're not using them correctly or you feel your affirmations are not working for you could be striking a misalignment. For example. You may have a list of affirmations that you have come up with that you want to start working with in your life. If you find when you are saying your affirmations that you don't truly believe it, then this can cause misalignment. An easy way to identify a misalignment towards particular affirmations is to take your attention into how you feel when you say them. Is there any feeling of inner struggle or inadequacy? Any uncomfortable feeling in your belly or chest that disagrees with what you're saying? If you feel this in any way, this is where you're causing the misalignment.

You're saying the Affirmations but your subconscious doesn't agree or want to believe it yet. Affirmations work tremendously well, as for my own experiences. It's just a matter of crafting and wording them well. When creating your first set of powerful positive affirmations, there is a elementary but one powerful formula you can use. First, identify what's bothering you and what you want to change. There could be a few you come up with to do with your finances, your health or relationships. The second step is to identify the exact opposite of what you don't want. For example financial freedom or toned body. Finally, find a word or phrase that sums up its opposite quality. Keep it general and add the words "I am" at the start of the phrase. For a complete example. If you feel you are struggling financially, you may frequently think 'poor' thoughts, sometimes without being aware. Well the opposite of 'poor' is clearly 'riches'.

So you would declare an affirmation where you're saying "I am rich". Since this could be one of a few new positive affirmations, it's important you test them out. When you try your affirmations ensure that you feel wonderful and satisfied about yourself. Keep a close watch for any soreness or lacking. It's sometimes only a matter of changing and probing for the right words till you find something that you are comfortable with. You will get it when you've discovered the right word, when you feel comfortable saying your affirmation and it feels true to you. So, referring back to our example. If you say "I amwealth" and the word 'rich' just doesn't feel right or bothers in any way, this word is probably not suitable and clashes with you in some way. Try changing it up a little like "I am comfortable and secure in my finances" or "I am financially independent". Carving your affirmations to any area of your life.

Make them powerful and satisfying. If you feel uplifted and smile when you say them, you've got it. You can craft affirmations towards anything of material and spiritual, and are very effective. Once you've compiled your set of tested affirmations and are pleased with them. Get into practice saying them twice a day, but at least once a day. The best time is in the morning just after waking up. This is a great time because your mind is not fully active yet. Between sleep and waking your brain is in Alpha mode, it's relaxed and you can conduct your affirmations before your thoughts start getting too busy and any kind of negative thought starts. If you are to do it twice a day, which is recommended, specially when you're first starting out with your affirmations, repeat it like mantra at certain times throughout your day.

Preferably when you're not to occupied, like when you're on a break or even whilst driving. Repeating your powerful positive affirmations day by day will set your tone, making it set like cement into your mind. The power behind the simple words "I am" can transform your life. You will notice after time that your default way of thinking has altered and any previous conditioning or thoughts about yourself or life has gradually weakened. When you start to notice the difference in your thinking, and notice you are thinking more positively this is a sign that you're affirmations are working. You've aligned your desires with your beliefs. You will start to manifest new and better things out of your new thought patterns. You now have deep-rooted within your mind, a more dominant positive thinking pattern, with recurrent use of powerful positive affirmations.

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